Hot  Laddies's Tattoo
Hot  Laddies's Tattoo
Hot  Laddies's TattooHot Laddies's Tattoo

Simply by logging onto the Internet you will find page after page of ladies tattoos. This is where the trouble begins. I'm not saying to avoid using Internet searches to find tattoo designs. Quite the contrary. Avoid regular search engines. Why? Because everyone else is using them too!

The designs you will find using normal search engines have been spread around the world and plastered on thousands of people even as you read this. Plus, a lot of what you find on the Internet is generic. If you are new to the world of tattoos, spotting an inferior design and artwork may be difficult.

You are going to put a permanent picture on your skin, so finding reputable galleries should be a high priority for you. Tattoo removal is very expensive and more painful then getting one! Cover-ups do not always work either. Spend some time in this initial phase and you will find the perfect quality design work that suits you and your personality. Ladies tattoos should fit the lady who is wearing them!

Okay, So Where Do I Look?

By talking to real people. How does one talk to real people on the Internet you ask? Start hitting the forums. By signing up for online discussion forums you can learn about unknown websites that have those rare ladies tattoos you are seeking.

Tattoo lovers from all over the globe are eager to talk about their body art and where they found their perfect design. These are also the people who know where the quality sites are located. Finding top-rated digital galleries just became a lot easier, didn't it?

Big discussion forums will not even mention a generic site, they simple do not make the grade. Start posting questions and in no time fellow members will point you in the right direction on where to find excellent yet rare ladies tattoos.

Create Your Own

If you have some talent in art, why not create your own work of art? Even if all you can come up with is a rough sketch, any talented tattoo artist is able to create a custom badge of honor using his/her imagination.

Unicorns, faeries, pixies, rainbows, flowers, birds and other exotic fleets of fancy can be molded into something unique simply by changing its design and color. If you see a humming bird in flight, why not have it landing on a flower petal instead? Or change the angle of how where it looks. Simple changes can look totally new with a little imagination.

Wherever you find your ladies tattoos, if you don't fall in love with a design, keep looking until one hits you. The perfect piece of body art is out there.